Scaling Your Blockchain Vision

  • Blockchain Integration & Services
  • Startup Acceleration & Support
  • Strategic Expansion & Investments

Exclusive fast-track integration and premier offers for RAK DAO projects: Unparalleled blockchain support and bespoke growth opportunities.

Premier Blockchain Solutions

Conflux Network empowers startups with cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure and services, offering secure, high-throughput integration. Our tailored Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) supports your project’s growth in the blockchain landscape. Benefit from our startup incubation, strategic investments, staking solutions, and educational resources to accelerate your venture. Join Conflux for unparalleled efficiency and scalability.



Blockchain as a Service

Utilize Conflux's high-throughput, secure blockchain. Benefit from our Tree-Graph consensus for efficiency, low fees, and scalability. Perfect for projects needing robust BaaS.

Startup Incubation

Accelerate your startup with Conflux's ecosystem. Access mentorship, resources, and a global network for growth and investment opportunities in blockchain.

Strategic Investments

Conflux boosts blockchain innovation with strategic investments. We offer financial support, a vast network, and resources to foster development and market entry.

BTC Staking Solutions

Enhance Bitcoin yield with Conflux's secure staking. Experience competitive returns, backed by a unique PoS consensus and interest mechanisms.

Blockchain Education

Advance your blockchain knowledge with Conflux. We cover from basics to advanced applications, fostering community expertise and participation.

Market Expansion Support

Conflux, a regulatory-compliant blockchain in China, provides a strategic advantage for projects expanding into Asia with a secure, scalable platform.