MetaMask Institutional (MMI)

MetaMask Institutional (MMI) is the first and only multi-custodial wallet built for enterprise, combining best in class portfolio management with the all capabilities MetaMask offers.
RAK DAO members can enjoy a 3 months free trial of the MMI platform.


The only multi-custodial solution in the space that allows enterprises to consolidate and manage various wallets and custodial accounts under 1 interface.

Professional portfolio management tool with credible and comprehensive on-chain data of token balance, defi positions, NFTs, unclaimed rewards to solve the reporting challenge funds and Web3 companies are facing - Acting as the single source of truth for portfolio management.

Advanced accounting tools to make NAV and P&L calculation a breeze for Web3 enterprises. Days of manual work cut down to a few hours.

The MetaMask experience, the wallet that are familiar with and can trust, and following the highest standard of wallet security - MMI is SOC2 Type 1 certified.