Deca4 Advisory FZE

  • Blockchain Strategy Consulting
  • Web3 Marketing and Community
  • Blockchain System Integration

Deca4 Advisory FZE

Deca4 brings together thought leaders and innovators to identify how clients can leverage blockchain in their business. We have experts in software development, strategy consulting, marketing, legal, and business development. We are ideally positioned to provide full lifecycle management of blockchain projects for your business.

One-Hour Free Consultation for RAK DAO Companies



Strategy Consulting

Deca4’s team of experts will analyze your objectives and current situation and implement solutions to achieve desired results. We are able to work at all stages of the lifecycle and can work as advisory and also operationally.

Web3 Marketing

Specializing in tailored marketing campaigns for blockchain projects, Deca4 offers strategic guidance, enhances Web3 brand visibility, and employs innovative approaches to engage and expand communities.

Systems Integration

Deca4 excels in developing and implementing use cases for blockchain technology, offering strategies that ensure successful deployment and maximize impact. Our approach includes identifying opportunities for blockchain integration and crafting bespoke solutions for each project.

Ecosystem Lauch

Deca4's Blockchain Ecosystem Launch service focuses on kickstarting blockchain projects with strategic planning, development, and community building, ensuring a strong market entry. Ideal for new blockchain ventures.


Deca4 navigates blockchain regulatory and compliance, ensuring projects align with legal standards. We provide guidance on company formation locations, adhering to regulations, mitigating risks, and maintaining compliance within the evolving blockchain legal framework.


Deca4 is experienced in blockchain solutions for government projects, focusing on transparency, efficiency, and security. Our services aim to modernize public sector operations and foster trust.