DeXe DAO Studio

  • Streamlined DAO creation
  • Convenient DAO governance
  • New concepts for instant growth

DeXe DAO Studio

DeXe DAO Studio is a cutting-edge platform designed to create and manage Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). It is a comprehensive solution for users to initiate and operate a DAO with ease. The platform is intuitively designed to cater to both novices and seasoned professionals, emphasizing a user-friendly experience.

At the heart of DAO Studio is the facilitation of autonomous governance. It provides a suite of tools that enable varied voting models, token delegations, and the establishment of expert sub-DAOs. Moreover, it offers resources for crafting meta-governance proposals, enhancing the collaborative decision-making process.



Easy and Proper Start

No code platform allows to create a DAO for any needs from scratch. Launch your DAO in minutes with our intuitive step-by-step interface and guidance. Audited governance tokens can be created directly from the app.
No technical expertise is required.

Easy to Operate

Use our templates to create on-chain and off-chain proposals and create your own. All proposals, votes, and discussions occur on one platform, and members receive alerts about any activity in DAO simply in their favourite messenger. This fosters trust and accountability.

Governance Activation

Distribute rewards to everyone who contributes to your DAO.
Stimulate the community to vote, propose, and execute DAO proposals.
Build out working groups from subDAOs to reward active contributors.
Get rewards to engaged members and effective governance for your DAO.

Treasury Management

Decentralized and fully autonomous treasury management.
Connect your DAO treasury to any DeFi protocol & dApp.
Govern other DAOs through meta-governance.
Boost your DAO with various tools and services to enhance functionality and optimize operations.

Decentralized fundraising

Launch your token sales straight from a DAO’s Treasury. The platform is fully functional for launching a decentralized fundraise, flexibly managing vestings, lockups, and cliffs, and managing whitelists and token sale qualifications

High-Security Level

DeXe employs cutting-edge security standards to safeguard user funds and data
5 security audits of the protocol by ton-notch blockchain auditors.
an open-ended $3M+ bug bounty campaign on 3 leading platforms
The real-time, 24/7 on-chain protection from SphereX