Secure Your Blockchain Future with Hacken

  • Over 1,500 smart contract audits completed.
  • End-to-end blockchain security services.
  • 100+ team members, including 60 security engineers onboard.
  • Special offers for RAK DAO projects, including up to 20% off on all security services.

Our Expertise

Hacken provides end-to-end blockchain security solutions. From smart contract and L1/L2 audits to penetration testing and post-deployment monitoring, we ensure the integrity and resilience of your projects. Partner with us for unparalleled security expertise.



Smart Contract Audit

Expert audits for Solidity, Rust, and more. Our methodology covers thorough analysis, exhaustive testing, and actionable improvements for your smart contracts.

Protocol Audit

Dedicated L1/L2 audits to evaluate your blockchain protocol's security, including cryptography, consensus mechanisms, and overall architecture integrity.

Penetration Testing

Comprehensive cybersecurity assessments simulating real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities and bolster your project's defensive mechanisms.

Bug Bounty Program

Leverage our platform for bug bounty programs, connecting you with a community of ethical hackers to find and fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Hacken Extractor

Extractor offers continuous, real-time monitoring of smart contracts, instantly alerting you to any suspicious activity to prevent hacks.

Tokenomics Audit

Elevate your token's value and investor confidence through our thorough analysis, ensuring economic stability and design effectiveness.

Igor Bershadskiy
Igor Bershadskiy
Director of Business Development and Partnerships, MENA