Transition your AI from web2 to web3 seamlessly

  • Scale your AI
  • Web3 Transformation
  • Ensure there is a human behind every AI decision

Human driven AI

Placing humans at the facefront of the AI revolution,’s unique blockchain for AI offers a robust blockchain framework that empowers AI companies, ensuring they can securely govern and run their AI models with transparency.
With, you can benefit from a complex network of AI products, services, and tools, as well as comprehensive tech support and infrastructure for cloud computing to enhance operational efficiency and expand capabilities of your technical solutions.



Web3 AI Integration

We offer specialized support to facilitate the seamless integration of AIs into the web 3.0 landscape, leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Our team of experts guides AI ventures through the complexities of transitioning to web 3.0, ensuring a smooth journey.

Tokenizing AI

With, you can benefit from the tokenized AI economy. We provide a comprehensive suite of services to tokenize AI ventures, including: DeFi tokens, private and public sales, AI staking, along with blockchain wallets and market-making strategies.

Blockchain for AIs's Proof-of-Human protocol ensures that human oversight remains central to every AI decision. Leveraging blockchain technology, we establish a transparent framework where AI actions are linked to human oversight, enhancing trust, accountability, and oversight.