Legal Nodes

Get Web3-Focused Cross-Border Legal Support

  • Helping web3 founders navigate global crypto regulations
  • Building a legal strategy encompassing your needs and goals
  • Completing legal projects across 20+ jurisdictions

Why Legal Nodes?

We are a legal platform that helps the founders of innovative companies stay compliant with global regulations and solve legal tasks across 20+ jurisdictions.

What sets Legal Nodes apart:

  • We leverage our internal web3 expertise to assist web3 projects in building their legal strategy. To date, we’ve helped over 300 web3 founders.
  • We aid builders in executing their strategy by connecting them with legal, tax, and privacy providers and managing their work via our platform.
Legal Nodes


Legal strategy preparation

We use our expertise in regulations and market case studies to help you explore the best legal strategy that takes into account your goals (decentralized vs. centralized) and needs (fundraising, protocol/product launch, token launch, etc.).

Compliant product launch

We provide the assistance with registering entities for protocol development and distribution, preparing policies (ToU, AML/KYC), structuring key IP, and obtaining licenses to make your protocol or dApp launch compliant.

Compliant token launch

We assist web3 teams in creating a regulatory-informed token release strategy by obtaining token legal opinions in multiple jurisdictions, preparing policies for a public token launch, and preparing agreements for a private launch.

Fundraising in web3

We can assist with choosing the best fundraising strategy, registering entities for fundraising (DevLab, Token SPV), preparing fundraising documents (token warrant, token side letter, SAFT), and preparing token cap table and token incentive documents for the team.

Legally wrapping a DAO

To successfully incorporate a DAO into your project, we provide guidance on choosing the best jurisdiction and assist with registering a DAO entity, preparing a DAO constitution and obtaining specific licenses if required.

Maintaining a web3 company

When the legal structuring stage is finished, we help prepare the agreements with the team, allocate & manage share/token options, and provide tax, compliance, and accountancy support for existing legal entities.