Neo Legal

Neo Legal

45-Minutes Complimentary Legal Consultation for RAK DAO companies

Leading experts in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency law. Contact us at [email protected]

  • Corporate Structuring for tokens businesses;
  • Strategic legal advice; and
  • General Counsel Services.

Neo Legal

Neo Legal is a firm originating from Melbourne Australia and have expanded into the UAE. Neo Legal specialise in corporate structuring and advisory for international blockchain projects. We are passionate about delivering innovative legal solutions. We have over 8 years’ experience in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Neo Legal are leading experts in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency law. Contact us at [email protected]

Neo Legal


Token Business Corporate Structuring

Multi entity structuring of your token business ensuring asset protection, tax efficiency and licensing efficiency.

Token Structuring

Structuring your token to ensure it does not meet any relevant securities laws ensuring the token can take full advantage of RAKDAO’s infrastructure.

SAFTs and other documentation

Drafting of custom SAFT Agreements and other Agreements such as Token Warrants that aid token related businesses in their operations.

Legal Opinion

Drafting of legal opinions accepted by tier 1 exchanges.

Crypto Fund Set-up

Set-up and structuring of a fund to allow for the investment into tokens, coins and equity.

In House General Counsel and Retainers

We act as your internal legal team for your company for a monthly fee. This includes drafting of relevant documentation, advisory, negotiations and much more.