New Tribe Capital

Empowering the Future: Investing in the Next Wave of Web3 Innovation

  • 1:1 Investor Mentorship
  • 30 mins Investor Call
  • Tokenomics Consultancy

1:1 Investor Mentorship

Unlock the full potential of your investment journey with our 1:1 Investor Mentorship—tailored guidance from seasoned VCs, unparalleled insights, and personalized strategies to navigate the startup ecosystem. Elevate your portfolio. Start today.

New Tribe Capital


Advisory Support

Expert guidance, strategic planning, and industry insights to fuel your growth.


Strategic design, market analysis, and launch support for your digital assets.

Technical Assistance

New-age tech support, product development guidance, and innovation strategies to accelerate every project.

PR & Media

Captivate your target audience with our Strong media outreach, and strategic PR network across UAE.

KOLs Onboarding

Leverage the power of influence by connecting with leading KOLs to boost your visibility, credibility, and market reach.

Investor Relations

Build trust, communicate value, and connect with 120+ VC partners in our network to fuel up your fundraising goals.