SettleMint - The Blockchain Transformation Company

  • Easily and rapidly build and integrate blockchain applications
  • Equip your teams with the necessary skills, knowledge and methodologies
  • Access ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire process


SettleMint is the Blockchain Transformation Company that connects the dots between people, processes and technology to accelerate value creation with blockchain. It enables enterprises to easily and rapidly build and integrate blockchain applications, while empowering teams with the skills, knowledge, methodologies, guidance and ongoing support they need.



Enterprise Blockchain Excellence

Unlock unparalleled enterprise blockchain transformation with SettleMint. Seamlessly integrate blockchain into your operations, empowering your team to create value swiftly. Revolutionize processes, capture new markets, and stay ahead with our comprehensive blockchain solutions.

Rapid Proof of Value

Supercharge your Blockchain Transformation journey! SettleMint enables you to roll out Proof of Value and blockchain use cases at an unprecedented pace. We help you move from ideas to in-production applications in weeks, ensuring real-world impact.

End-to-End Blockchain Transformation

SettleMint, the Blockchain Transformation Company, connects people, processes, and technology. Accelerate value creation as we empower enterprises to swiftly build and integrate blockchain applications. We provide teams with essential skills, knowledge, methodologies, guidance, and ongoing support.

Sunath Kolazhi
Vice President Growth - EMEA, SettleMint
Rod Spiteri
Communications, PR & Events Manager, SettleMint