XDC Network

Layer1 EVM Compatible Blockchain

  • Technical & Integration Support
  • Ecosystem Support through an introduction to Venture Capital
  • Grant to #BuildonXDC

Layer1 EVM Compatible Blockchain

The XDC Network stands as a robust, enterprise-grade blockchain protocol, boasting an open-source framework and powered by the XinFin Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS) consensus mechanism. This EVM-compatible chain features enforceable smart contracts, making it a prime candidate to transform the trade finance sector. Through the tokenization of real-world assets and financial instruments, XDC Network aims to revolutionize, decentralize, and enhance liquidity within the industry.

XDC Network


Blockchain & Technical Support

XDC Network provides technical support to Web2 projects looking to transition to its network and native Web3 projects seeking integration assistance from in-house development team, ensuring that projects receive comprehensive assistance with integration.

Grant to #BuildonXDC

The newly launched DaoFin initiative launched by XDC provides grants to innovative projects interested in building on the XDC Network. This financial support encourages the development of new and creative projects on the network.

Ecosystem Support

XDC Network supports projects on its network by offering them access to office space for work and events and facilitates introductions to ecosystem companies for potential partnerships. This provides physical infrastructure and fosters a collaborative environment for projects to interact and grow together.

Stand A Chance to get Seed Funded

XDC frequently provides seed funding to high-potential projects on its platform which have shown commitment to the Network.

Networking Opportunities

Be a part of the vibrant community spread across the globe and participate in workshops, hackathons and organize meetups to explore opportunities for collaboration & partnership