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15th February, 2024

Web3 Education in Preparation for Tomorrow


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today - MalcomX


To equip students for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow, educators must not only understand Web3 but actively incorporate it into the learning experience. The necessity arises from the profound impact Web3 has on accessibility, interactivity and the nature of all industry interactions.


From its decentralized nature to its potential in the metaverse, this blog post delves into the impact of facilitating Web3 education.


Leveraging NewTribe Capital's comprehensive report on Mapping The Landscape of Web3 Initiatives Across Global Universities, this blog delves into the potential impact of Web3 education.


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Building and Belonging in Web3


Web3 is an upgrade of the internet. It gives users more control over their online experience. Unlike older versions (Web and Web2), Web3 uses decentralized blockchain tech, making it more interactive.


In Web3, users don't just read or write – they actively create and even own parts of the online world. This change impacts how we use the internet, giving individuals more say while fostering creativity and innovation. Web3 isn't just about browsing; it's about active participation, community ownership and opportunities. Because of its merits, various learning institutions have taken note.


Higher Education Institutions Adopt Web3 Education


Educational institutions are catalysts for shaping tomorrow's leaders, providing a dynamic gateway for the upcoming generation to engage with Web3 development. Mirroring the rapid advancements in this field, global universities are integrating digital currency and blockchain topics into their curricula, recognizing the importance of preparing students for the decentralized future.


In response to the growing demand for Web3 education, universities worldwide are expanding their offerings to encompass blockchain fundamentals, smart contract development and decentralized application architecture. Accustomed to the developing technological landscape, these institutions foster an environment where students receive practical insights into prominent blockchain ecosystems like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.


Learning Institutes Leading the Way


The RAK DAO report on Mapping The Landscape of Web3 Initiatives Across Global Universities Mapping The Landscape of Web3 Initiatives Across Global Universities highlights several leading institutions incorporating Web3 studies into their curriculum. Here's a sample of these higher-learning institutions and their offerings:


1. Stanford Blockchain Accelerator

The Stanford Blockchain Accelerator has been successful. About 90% of the 36 teams they supported raised over $2 million from top investment funds. Together, these teams collected over $80 million, showing how educational programs will advance innovation in Web3.


Cornell, UC Berkeley and Texas University are part of the long list of higher learning institutions with similar successful Web3 programs.


2. UZH (University of Zurich) Business Center


As an institution listed among the leading blockchain clubs globally, this club leads interdisciplinary research and education, focusing on blockchain technology and systems. Operating in Switzerland, a prominent blockchain hub, it stands as the largest academic initiative in the region, contributing to blockchain knowledge and innovation.


3. University Programs


Below is a table sampling global universities and the blockchain courses they offer.


United States
UC Berkeley
- Online course on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
- Additional courses: Blockchain Fundamentals, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
- Applied Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies course (Part of their MSc in Financial Technology)
- Blockchain For Business Executives certificate
Imperial College Business School
- MSc Financial Technology
- Online course: Blockchain Technology: Foundations, Applications and Implications


Find out more about Web3 education across universities in New Tribe Capital’s report.
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So, what next after receiving or enabling Web3 education?


The Evolving Career Landscape in Web3 Development


As the demand for Web3 development escalates, a spectrum of in-demand skills opens pathways to diverse job opportunities.


In-Demand Skills:

  • Smart Contract Development
  • Blockchain Integration


Job Opportunities:


  • Smart Contract Developer
  • Blockchain Architect


In the expanding global Web3 ecosystem, free economic zones like the Ras Al Khaimah Digital Assets Oasis (RAK DAO) offer a unique advantage. Positioned as a landing pad for Web3 entrepreneurs, RAK DAO serves as an aggregator, providing access to a comprehensive suite of products and services.


For those learning Web3 development, the emergence of free economic zones brings opportunities. RAK DAO, in particular, beckons as a conducive environment for innovation.


By establishing a base within the RAK DAO Digital Oasis, learners and innovators receive opportunities to build and deploy Web3 solutions in a supportive and enabling environment within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They also receive:


  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Access to a thriving ecosystem


In essence, RAK DAO becomes a strategic launchpad, pushing Web3 developers toward success in an industry defined by innovation, collaboration and limitless possibilities.


Making Web3 Education Worthwhile


In this exploration of Web3 education, we've uncovered a powerful connection between prominent founders and their alma maters, showcasing the influence of institutions like Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. Notable innovators like Balaji Srinivasan, Joseph Lau, Cameron Winklevoss, and Pacman have laid the foundation for the Web3 landscape.


Yet, the potential of the next generation of innovators, nurtured within supportive environments like RAK DAO, surpasses these accomplishments. By fostering a conducive atmosphere for innovation, RAK DAO becomes a launchpad for aspiring minds. Here, Web3 education becomes practical, empowering individuals to exceed the achievements of their predecessors.


Are you interested in learning Web3? Discover the various courses leading universities and clubs offer to exercise your newly found knowledge in New Tribe Capital’s report on Mapping The Landscape of Web3 Initiatives Across Global Universities Mapping The Landscape of Web3 Initiatives Across Global Universities.


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Web3 Education

Web3 is the next evolution of the internet, built on decentralized blockchain technology. Unlike Web1 (static pages) and Web2 (user-generated content platforms), Web3 empowers users with ownership and control over their data and digital assets. This means you can "read, write, own" in Web3, instead of just "read and write" in previous versions.

Blockchain, the secure and transparent digital ledger, is the backbone of Web3. Other key technologies include smart contracts, which automate agreements. Decentralized applications (dApps) offer services without central control, and tokens represent ownership of assets and access to services.

Understanding Web3 equips you with the skills to navigate the future of the internet. You can learn about NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which represent unique digital assets, explore decentralized finance (DeFi) and alternative financial systems and build your own dApps.

Web3 opens doors to exciting career paths. The possibilities are numerous, from becoming a blockchain developer and smart contract engineer to creating NFT art and metaverse architecture.